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I fell in love with photography after taking several classes in college (before digital) but it wasn't until I had my daughter that I became obsessed with documenting every-single-event. Then she began covering her eyes when I brought out the camera and I realized that while taking photos of her was a joy for me, she was no longer into it. Then I started taking pictures of other families and kiddos and couples and found that I enjoy it just as much. I have learned the very subtle difference between a "happy snap" and a photograph that catches a person in the moment of a laugh or a side ways glance towards a loved one. These are great as happy snaps but with an extra insight into light, color and environment a photograph can be a work of art to hang on your wall and treasure for years.

After spending 20 years in the entertainment industry on both coasts I have developed a unique eye for making art. I love to collaborate with my clients and come up with fabulous concepts. I use locations to help tell the story of your style and family, incorporating both natural and artificial light - when necessary.

I enjoy spending time with my own little spunky gal dancing barefoot in the Seattle rain, seeking out the best brunch spots in the Emerald City (with shoes on) and of course taking pictures wherever I go of whatever I see.